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Rental Property Marketing Mistakes

SGI Staff - Wednesday, June 21, 2023
Property Management Blog

Navigating the world of rental property marketing can often feel overwhelming. Whether you're just dipping your toes into the property rental business or are a seasoned landlord looking to refine your tactics, we've got you covered. 

This article aims to guide you through the most common marketing mistakes landlords often encounter. We'll delve into areas ranging from online presence, to property descriptions, visuals, and targeted marketing, while offering practical tips to circumvent these errors.

By the end of this read, you'll be armed with a toolkit to effectively showcase your property's strengths, appeal to the right tenants, and maintain a competitive edge in the bustling rental market.

List of Rental Property Marketing Mistakes

Here’s a list of some of the most common rental marketing mistakes along with the best solution for each:

Lack of Online Presence

In today’s digital era, potential tenants primarily use the internet to find their next rental home. If your property doesn’t have an online presence, it might as well be invisible. 

Many landlords underestimate the importance of this, thereby severely limiting the visibility of their property and their reach to potential tenants.

Ensure your property is listed on reputable property rental websites. Use search engine optimization techniques to increase your website’s visibility on search engines. Writing a good property listing can make or break your online presence. 

Leverage social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote your property. These platforms have wide user bases and can significantly increase the reach of your property.

Ineffective Property Descriptions

Property descriptions are a key factor in capturing potential tenants’ interest. A mistake landlords often make is providing generic or vague descriptions that don’t highlight the unique features of their property.


This approach can deter potential tenants who, in the absence of enticing details, may not see the appeal of your property.

Invest time and thought in writing a detailed and captivating property description. Emphasize unique selling points like a modern kitchen, recent renovations, proximity to amenities, or a beautiful view. The goal is to create a vivid picture that enables potential tenants to see themselves living in, and enjoying, the property.

Poor Quality Images

Photographs form potential tenants’ first impression of your property. Blurry or poorly lit photos can give an unfavorable impression and discourage potential tenants from exploring your property further.

Invest in high-quality photography to create a visually appealing listing. Ensure that the pictures showcase each room of your property, exterior views, and any special features.

Clear, well-lit photos can help potential tenants visualize the property, increasing the chances of them wanting to see it in person.

Generic Marketing

Marketing your property to a broad audience, rather than a targeted one, can result in attracting unqualified leads, leading to wasted time and resources. Identify your ideal tenant demographic and tailor your marketing efforts to appeal to that group.

Ignoring Virtual Tours

As the world becomes increasingly digital, many potential tenants prefer virtual tours that allow them to explore properties remotely.

Use technology to your advantage by offering virtual tours. These can range from simple video tours to immersive 3D tours. Virtual tours can give potential tenants a comprehensive view of your property, increasing their interest and engagement.

Limited Advertising Channels

Traditional advertising methods, while still useful, might not reach as broad an audience as modern methods.


Combine traditional and modern advertising methods. This could include newspaper ads, local bulletin boards, online classifieds, community newsletters, local event listings, and neighborhood groups.

Neglecting Tenant Referrals

Current satisfied tenants can be your best advocates, and their referrals are often highly trusted.

Encourage tenant referrals by offering incentives like a rent discount or gift card. This will not only help you find new tenants but also improve your relationship with current tenants.

Inconsistent Branding and Messaging

A strong, consistent brand helps potential tenants remember and recognize your property. Inconsistent branding can confuse potential tenants and dilute your property’s image.

Create a consistent branding strategy across all platforms and marketing materials. This should include a logo, color scheme, and tone of voice that aligns with your brand’s identity.

The more consistent you are with your branding, the more professional and trustworthy your business will appear.

Not Tracking Marketing Effectiveness

Without tracking your marketing efforts, it’s difficult to know which strategies are successful and which ones aren’t. This can lead to wasted resources and missed opportunities.

Use analytics tools to monitor the performance of your marketing strategies. Track metrics such as website traffic, engagement rates on social media, and response rates to ads. 

Also use these insights to continually refine your marketing approach, focusing on the strategies that yield the best results.

Final Thoughts

Sidestepping these common rental property marketing mistakes can transform your journey in the rental business. From boosting your online presence, to creating enticing property descriptions, every step contributes to connecting the right tenants with your property. 

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