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Replacing Windows in a Rental Property Tips and Tricks

System - Tuesday, March 8, 2022
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As a landlord, you want your rental property to look appealing. You want your tenants to stick around and not look for another place to rent because of your windows. Broken, rotten, or leaky windows are a health hazard and a red flag for anyone looking to rent a unit.

A replacement is essential if the panes crack and there’s condensation or moisture between them, making it difficult for the window to open and close.

How Often Should Landlords Replace Windows?

Windows are supposed to last 15 years, but some may start to degrade sooner than that. Temperature fluctuations, extreme storms, and rot damage are major culprits that shorten their life span. So while they may be durable for a decade and a half, there’s still a chance they might fail sooner.

As a landlord, you have to replace windows immediately they show signs of failure. It is for comfortability and the wellness of your tenants and your business.

If the climate in your area is mild, you could find yourself replacing windows 20 to 25 years after purchasing them. Still, as soon as they reach the 15-year mark, you’ve got to start checking to see just how efficient and effective they are after all those years.

It’s usual for windows to go through a wear and tear process. That is something you should anticipate at some point. But, windows need tender loving care and routine maintenance to last for a long time.

Is a Landlord Responsible for Replacing Windows?

Whether or not you’re legally obligated to replace the windows on your property, it’s in your best interests to do so. Like any home improvement, it could help raise your rent; if that is your intention. 

Putting together a pleasant experience for your tenant is your responsibility, and it’s in your best interests to avoid anything that might cause health risks, such as mold and cold drafts.

As it relates to the law, a tenant is generally entitled to a liveable rental. It is their right. You have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure that your windows pose no health risk to the tenant. If a window sustains damage in a rental unit, it could also cause a chain reaction of damage as the household items are exposed to the elements, and it might even give criminals a way to invade your unit.

Can you Expense New Windows on a Rental Property?

While window replacements are a tax-deductible expense, you need to be smart about how you go about them. The type of replacement you go for will have an impact on your revenue, and only the highest standard in windows qualifies you for a tax write-off. Ideally, you want windows equipped with modern technology and made from the best materials.

If a window gets broken following mishandling, it is a deductible too. If you plan to achieve value appreciation with the window installation, you can also add that expense to your list of deductibles. Since windows are part of the building, replacing them does qualify you for tax relief.

Can I Change the Windows in my Apartment?

Unless a renter is responsible for breaking or rendering a window inoperable, the landlord has full responsibility to replace that window. Once again, it’s a question of safety. If your tenants start to get sick because a window is leaking, that’s on you. Remember, windows are part of the property, so they quite literally are yours and yours to replace if needed.

Window Replacement and Installation

Few things impress a tenant, like a landlord that hires professionals to work on a unit. If you get a bunch of chancers to install new windows on your property, that will reflect on you as the owner of the property. It might even be enough to push your tenants away.

DIY window replacement just won’t cut it, not when you’re making a fifteen-year investment. It is business, and you need people who understand business to get the job done right. That’s why you’ll want to find the best window replacement & installation in Phoenix, AZ, to do your windows.

People often overlook windows during home improvement because they don’t consider it a big deal. However, you can’t afford to freestyle when it concerns things that affect the look, feel, and profitability of your property. 

In the world of window installments and replacements, you need to go with the best of the bunch. Talk to us about replacing the windows in your rental property - your investment property will thank you for it.